Broccoli but better

Bimi® broccoli is unlike other vegetables. It’s quick and easy to cook, and super versatile. No wonder this vegetable has taken Europe by storm.

It has a succulently sweet and slightly nutty flavour, a vibrant green colour and you can easily cook it without losing any of the delicious flavour or texture.

This long-stemmed broccoli is available all year round in 25 European markets, where it is adding value to the whole supply chain. For example, in a leading European retailer, Bimi® is 47% of the broccoli value but 33% of volume.

It is simply the best!

Bimi® is sold in retailers across Europe. If you want to add Bimi® broccoli to your vegetable assortment, then get in touch with us today.

As a premium vegetable Bimi® broccoli adds value along the whole supply chain and provides real depth in your category. An excellent addition to your catalogue.

Bimi® broccoli is grown from summer through to autumn in northern European countries, in southern Europe during winter, and all year round in Kenya. Contact us to find out how you can grow Bimi® broccoli.