Master Basic Knife Skills

Learning proper knife skills is vital when it comes to cooking. Why not read through our top tips to equip yourself with the right knowledge?

Keep it clean

Although this might sound obvious, keeping your knives clean is an essential part of proper knife use, as this kills off any nasty bacteria. Did you know that you should also avoid leaving knives to soak in the sink? Prolonged exposure to water can damage the handles, especially wooden ones, and can even cause the most expensive blades to rust.

The wrist-fulcrum method

The wrist-fulcrum method is a way of chopping up your veggies efficiently and safely. Keep the heel of the knife (the part of the blade closest to the handle) near the cutting board, pointing the tip of the knife upwards. Your wrist is acting as a fulcrum, swiveling up and down to move the knife in a chopping motion.