Lamb Koftas with Bimi® Broccoli & Yoghurt Dip

Lamb Koftas with Bimi® Broccoli & Yoghurt Dip

The Middle Eastern delight that is lamb kofta is given a Bimi® broccoli makeover.



10 minutes


45 minutes



Dietary requirements

  • Gluten free
  • Nut free


  1. In a large bowl combine the lamb, onion, garlic, saffron, salt, pepper and mix well with your hands.

  2. Separate the lamb mixture into 8 equal portions and form each into a sausage shape.

  3. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the koftas, cook for around 20 minutes, turning frequently, until brown on all sides and cooked through.

  4. While the koftas are cooking make the Bimi® broccoli dip by first boiling the Bimi® for 2 minutes. Drain and set aside.

  5. In a bowl, combine the yoghurt and minced garlic, add salt and pepper to taste.

  6. In a large frying pan heat 2 tbsps of the oil over medium heat. Add the Bimi® broccoli to the pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 7 minutes.

  7. Spread half of the garlic yoghurt onto a serving platter. Place the cooked Bimi® broccoli on the yoghurt and pour the remaining yoghurt evenly over the top. Drizzle with the olive oil, sprinkle with dried mint and crushed rose petals (if using.)

  8. Arrange the koftas on a platter, sprinkle with sumac and serve with flat bread/rice and the Bimi® dip.

Where to find Bimi® Broccoli