Goat cheese tart with Bimi® Broccoli and pink peppercorns

Goat cheese tart with Bimi® Broccoli and pink peppercorns



5 minutes


20 minutes



Dietary requirements

  • Vegetarian


  1. Preheat the oven at 220°C.

  2. Roll out the puff pastry and put it directly into a tart pan (36 x 12 cm) lined with baking paper. Slightly fold the dough edges and cut off any exess dough.

    Tip: the tart can also be made on an oven tray, simply roll out the pastry on a baking sheet and fold over the pastry edges by 2 cm and press them down, continue as described below but use a little more goat's cheese cream cheese and Bimi® broccoli.

  3. Prick the puff pastry several times with a fork. Spread the goat's cheese cream cheese onto the puff pastry and top with Bimi® broccoli.

  4. Bake on the middle shelf for 20 minutes. Bake the last 5 minutes on the bottom of the oven to make the bottom of the tart nice and crispy.

  5. After baking sprinkle the tart with salt and pink peppercorns. Tastes delicious both hot and cold!

    Optional: Grate fresh Pecorino generously over the tart before serving.

Where to find Bimi® Broccoli