The vegetable for food lovers

Bimi® broccoli is unlike other vegetables. It’s for people who love food and trying out different recipes. It has a gorgeous sweet crunch, a vibrant green colour and you can cook with it in almost any way you can imagine (without losing any of the delicious flavour or texture). So, pick up some of this good green superfood and see for yourself why there are so many reasons to love Bimi® broccoli.

Grown with love, eaten with love

From the way it is grown to the way you cook with it, Bimi® broccoli is the vegetable you can love from start to finish. Use the sections below to see more about what makes Bimi® broccoli so special, how you prepare it and to find some great recipe inspiration.

Find the recipe for you

Fill in as many of the boxes below as you like and we’ll serve you up some inspiring options of our own that will suit you. Recipes that cater to what you fancy, what you can eat or even just what you have got in the fridge!

Our growers

The people who grow Bimi® broccoli tend to cultivate a real love for it. If you’ve tasted Bimi® broccoli, you’ll know why! Grown across Europe we’ve sat down with a few of our friendly farmers to have a chat about what makes Bimi® broccoli one of their favourite crops…